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Antique Stove, Wood Parlor
  • Red Cross Ensign
  • Mica Baseburners 1880-1920
  • This antique stove - $8500

If you are looking for a mint, over the top outstanding stove, look no further.  Built in 1895 in Rochester, New York, this coal stove can also burn wood.  Large mica windows, large fire pot, fantastic nickel all wrapping a very efficient antique stove.  Full of ornate details from top to bottom, simply stunning.

Dimensions:  28" Wide, 36" Deep and 66" High

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Antique Baseburner Stove
  • 1891 Radiant Home #4
  • Mica Baseburners 1880-1920
  • This Stove - $8500

Built by Germer Company in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1891. the antique baseburner has it all.  The finial is Pandora and an amber knob, nickel plated angels on corners, 5 art tiles, mica doors on 3 sides, serpent side rails, paw foot nickel base, cherubs and faces on the side.  If that wasn't enough, this stove burns either wood or coal.

Dimensions: 27" Deep, 27" Wide and 60" High

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Antique Baseburner Stove
  • 1900 Invader
  • Mica Baseburners 1880-1920
  • This Stove - SOLD

This circa 1900 mica base burner stove is in absolutely mint condition.  Designed to burn coal, with mica windows on the side for illumination and a nickel basestand.  A little jewel of a stove.  Made by Union Stove Works, New York.

Dimensions: 20" Deep, 20" Wide and 52" High

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Antique Stove, Wood Parlor
  • 1880 Fifth Avenue
  • Baseburner 1880-1920
  • This antique stove - SOLD

Full of details, mica windows and freshly restored, this stove was made by Fuller in Troy, NY in 1880.  Set up for wood or coal.


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Antique Stove, Wood Parlor
  • Grove Andes #14
  • Parlor Stoves 1880-1920
  • This antique stove - $6500

Here is a 1889 Grove Andes#14 baseburner made in Geneva,NY. Aqua tiles on 3 sides, mica windows on 3 sides, lavished with nickel with a great figure on top.

Dimensions:  28" Wide, 31" Deep and 56" High

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  • Glenwood Baseheater #6 & #8
  • Oak Style Parlor Stoves 1880-1920
  • Glenwood Baseheater #6 - $3000
  • Glenwood Baseheater #8 - $3500

A large, powerful and economical heater. Great for heating a large open space area. Burns either coal or wood. Mica windows for fire view. Triangular grates. Large capacity, will easily burn 24 hours on a load of coal. A very handsome heater. Lots of nickel trim.

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  • 1890 Household Square Baseburner
  • Baseburners 1880-1920
  • This Stove - $2500
  • Price Range $1800 - 2700

A large upright square Victorian coal base burner, mica windows on three sides, fabulous brass finial with swing top that reveals the warming oven.  A top shelf stove in its day.  Made by White Warner Company in Taunton, Mass.